Our Next Chapter

Today I'm proud to announce that the Fierro Public Affairs team has begun a new chapter in its short, but very eventful life: FPA is now Presidio Strategic Communications!

The change isn't just cosmetic. We've expanded our team and our core service offerings while maintaining the commitment to excellence that we guarded  so carefully when we were just three former legislative staffers working out of our home. Here's what's happening.

A wider focus

FPA opened in 2015 with an exclusive focus on political campaigns, and we've had some great victories in this space: Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon's reelection in the tough 2014 cycle; Congresswoman Grace Napolitano in 2016; and city council members and school board members throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

In doing so, we developed capacities that went well beyond traditional politics – and that we enjoyed. Press and media relations, social media management, photography and videography, web design, graphic design, government affairs, and sales consulting all came up repeatedly as capacities our clients wanted.

We're not the type of team to tell someone we don't do something, so we almost always accommodated these requests when we received them. Eventually, it got to the point that we had to ask ourselves a very fundamental question: Are we a different company than when we started?

The answer was obvious. Yes.

New additions

We set out to build a team that could support and drive the shift we were approaching. Felicia introduced me to Josh, and immediately we knew he could help us enter this new stage. Josh had the private-sector marketing background we needed, from working on the founding staff of the University of Oregon Ducks' Quack Cave social media command center to working in sales and public relations for the New York Mets. Josh brought on Kyle, Harwant, and Ivan to fill out our sales consulting team. We are now a diverse team of eight professionals, and our growth and development has been a humbling thing to watch.

Why Presidio?

Young Actors Camp 's interview with Good Morning Britain on the campus of Claremont McKenna College.

Young Actors Camp's interview with Good Morning Britain on the campus of Claremont McKenna College.

The new Presidio Strategic Communications is a full-service communications firm, offering services across the public relations, marketing, and public affairs fields. We help private-sector companies, public agencies, political candidates, and advocacy groups achieve their strategic communications goals, from full programs to à la carte services.

Changing our name was a deliberate choice. First of all, I wanted a name that moved away from a focus on any one person, and instead let the team build its own culture of excellence and pride. All of us have worked somewhere where the phrase, "It's my name on the door" has been used to stop conversation and debate. That's not the type of place I want to work in, and I don't want anyone else to have to, either. Together, we are all Presidio.

Second, we all wanted to choose a name that acknowledged the rich history and diversity of our home and adopted state. From the Presidios of San Francisco, Monterey, and San Diego to Avenida Presidio in San Clemente, the presidio ("fort" in Spanish) is intertwined with California's history, geography, and culture, and many stand to this day.

Like the presidios, we're here to stay.

–Danny Fierro